• Registration & Membership of RACJ

Lectures and Seminars
  • National awareness lectures and seminars
    Awareness lectures are conducted all year round through the RACJ and its DTC.  The RACJ also takes part in all local seminars related to road safety , transportation and the environment.
  1. Awareness lectures delivered by drivers training center.
  2. Awareness lectures organised by government organisations and NGO’s.


  • Regional seminars and workshops
    The RACJ is sharing the expertise with other institutions in the region by presenting the RACJ experience at regional seminars and workshops.
  1. Yearly IRU – LAS seminars in Egypt.
  2. Yearly IRU Academy ATI Seminars.


  • International seminars and conferences
    The RACJ takes part in international seminars and conferences and occasionally organises such seminars in Jordan.
  1. IRU Academy and ATI Seminar May 2012 Amman .
  2. 7th IRU  Euro-Asian Conference on Road Transport in Amman 2013.

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    Save Kids Lives - A film by Luc Besson 


Photogallery and Videos

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