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RACJ works together with the National Authorities, Private companies, NGO’s and International Organizations to achieve goals for a better future . 
The RACJ’s Drivers Training Center aims to create a framework for capacity building to enhance the efficiency, professionalism, effectiveness and...
The RACJ has the primary role of assisting the motorists and to organize all motor sports activities in the Kingdom.   The RACJ organizes,...
The green expanse and manicured gardens of the Club have become a welcome aspirator to the overcrowded Amman.  A testament of the member’s commitment...

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Welcome to The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a small country with few natural resources.Unlike Arab Countries to the south and east, Jordan has no oil of its own. Its resources are limited to phosphates and agricultural produce. The economy depends largely on services, tourism and foreign aid. Jordan prides itself on its health service,